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GEM12 mini PC launch with 13th gen Intel Core i9 processors

Aoostar has launched a new Mini PC called the GEM12 Plus in the Chinese market.

Aoostar has launched a new Mini PC called the GEM12 Plus in the Chinese market. This is a powerful compact mini PC powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel core i9 Processor, offering high performance in gaming and other performance tasks with a compact and small design that is less space-consuming.

GEM12 Pricing and Availability

The GEM12 Plus is going on sale now on in China. Pricing starts at 2449 Yuan (approximately $336) for the model with a core i9-12900HK processor. And 4499 Yuan (approximately $618) for the Core i9-13900H with 32GB RAM and 1TB storage.

GEM12 Specification

The GEM12 is a compact and powerful PC powered by Intel Core i9-12900HK and the i9-13900H. The Powerful processor on the market that can handle high graphic tasks like heavy video editing, gaming, or 3D rendering. It has a VC (Vapor Chamber) feature a cooling system that helps dissipate heat, allowing the system to sustain a 75W power release. This can lead to smooth operation during heavy loads.

This Mini PC supports dual PCIe 4.0×4 interfaces, which can be used to connect two 2280 Solid State Drive (SSD) for more storage space up to 2TB. It also supports up to 48GB of Dual-channel DDR5 RAM at 5200MHz, for smooth operation during high program transitions.

Talking about the connectivity, this mini PC has a USB4 port with 40Gbps transfer speeds, this will enhance an external connection with this speed, especially for connecting high-performance peripherals or external storage. Other connectivity includes a full-function USB-C port, dual 2.5G Ethernet ports for blazing-fast wired networking, and dual HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 ports for connecting up to four 4K displays simultaneously. For wireless connectivity, it has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

This mini PC also includes an OCulink interface with this dedicated port which allows for the connection of external graphic cards, this will increase graphic processing performance.

Lastly taking about the size and how compact is this mini PC measuring just 13cm x 13cm x 6cm and weighing only 0.66kg. This makes it easy to mount with a monitor and space-efficient PC with a 20W USB-C power supply, providing ample power for all its functions.

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This is a good PC for its compact size that is easily mounted to your monitor and easy to carry anywhere. Apart from that it has a powerful processor with the latest intel i9 and an external graphic card that supports high storage capacity because its dual PCIe 4.0×4 interfaces can connect up to 2TB of SSD.

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