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‘Hello Meghalaya’ Meghalaya’s first OTT platform (Updated)

Meghalaya is gearing up to launch its first OTT platform known as 'Hello Meghalaya'

Meghalaya is gearing up to launch its first OTT platform known as ‘Hello Meghalaya’. The Hello Meghalaya app is live now on the Google Play store you can download the app and enjoy unlimited local entertainment, movies, Music videos, and more.

What is ‘Hello Meghalaya’?

‘Hello Meghalaya’ is an OTT platform set to be launched by the Meghalaya government to empower local filmmakers, content creators, and Artists and host local content. This initiative was first announced during the Budget session of the Meghalaya Legislature Assembly 2023 in March when Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma announced the launch of an OTT platform called Hello Meghalaya to provide income to local artists.

Further, this platform is also the place for not only movies but the traditional culture Of Meghalaya will be showcased on the platform, Music videos, podcasts, and many content creators will get an opportunity to be featured on this platform.

Hello Meghalaya Coins

According to the source on the Hello Meghalaya FAQs pages, some coins give you premium access and newly added content. Coins are App rewards that are converted to coins. These coins can be used to get special access to curated content. You can use these coins to watch premium content and newly released content. Each content will show how many coins will be needed to view the content.

If you want to earn these coins you need to watch videos and participate/win in a contest(s). To earn coins, You have to watch Scheme Videos and Leadership Videos. This is how you can earn coins.

‘Hello Meghalaya’ launch date

Hello Meghalaya will be launching on 11 July. Get ready to stream and explore with ‘Hello Meghalaya’, the state’s first OTT platform. An initiative by the Government of Meghalaya, this platform promises to celebrate and rediscover the rich culture and beauty of the state like never before. Dive into a world of unique content and experience Meghalaya from the comfort of your home!


This initiative by the Government of Meghalaya could help the local artists showcase their talent and the filmmakers earn additional income through this platform. Hello Meghalaya is available on the Google Play Store for Andriod and Web App through your Web Browser.

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