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How to get coin master free spins in 2024

If you are gamer and want free coins master spin these are the step to get more spin on coins master game.

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If you are a coin master gamer and have been searching for a coin master free spins, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will show you the steps to get the free coin master spin. First of all, let me give you a small summary of the game.

Coin master gameplay

Coins Master is an online casual game developed by the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company Moon Active. It incorporates mechanics from village building, slot machines, and social interaction and has been downloaded over 300 million times worldwide.

The game play is to win coins, upgrade buildings, build a village, and attack other villages. You need coins to play these games. You can get coins by spinning a slot machine. Here, you get a limit of free spins per day, and in this article, we will teach you how to get more free spins and coins to upgrade your buildings and village.

How to get coin master free spins

To play the Coin Master game, you need coins to upgrade and play the game, which you can get by spinning a slot machine. Coin Master gives you a limit of free spins and when you use all the free spins, you need to buy a new spin with real money. But we will show you how to get more free spins on the Coin Master game.

Step to get a more free spin on coins master

  • Invite friends on Facebook
  • Watching video ads
  • Follow coins master game on Social media
  • Level up your village

Invite friends on Facebook.

You can also invite your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to play the Coins Master game and get a free spin. You can invite up to 180 friends, and your friend has to download and play Coins Master to be eligible to get a spin. If you want to know more, read the article on the the Coin Master support site.

Watching video ads

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You can also get spins by watching video ads on Coins Master. To do so, visit the Coins Master spin slot machine, click the spin energy button on the bottom right and start watching the video. After that, you will get spins.

Follow coins master game on Social Media

By following the Coins Master Game on social media, Facebook, and Twitter, you can get more spins, as Moon Active gives a link to unlock free spins every day. This is one of the greatest ways to get free coins and spins.

Level up your village.

By levelling up, your village can get the spin reward. However, level villages need a lot of coins, so by levelling up your level, you can get more spin.


Now, you have the ideas and steps to get more spin on the Coins Master game. The only left is for you to implement these steps. If you are a serious gamer and want to get coins, follow these steps 100 per cent, and you will get more spin. I have played the game and implemented these steps myself, and playing Coins Master without coins is really unenjoyable.

These steps are useful if you want to save money by paying and buying more spin with real money you can get more.

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