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Meta Verified on WhatsApp Business now available in India: New Features

Meta recently announced the rolling out of Meta Verified for WhatsApp Bussiness in India read more to find out.

Meta recently announced the rolling out of Meta Verified for WhatsApp Bussiness in India, brazil, Columbia and Indonesia, during its annual business messaging event, “Conversations”, in São Paulo, Brazil. Meta Verified was launched last Septemper for WhatsApp Bussiness now being extended to different countries. Previously, Meta verified was limited for Instagram and Facebook only.

WhatsApp Bussiness Meta Verified benefits

Whatsapp Bussiness users get the Meta verified feature just like Instagram and Facebook. Bussiness owners can obtain the Verified tick, popularly known as the “blue tick,” but with a green color on WhatsApp Business to align with its color theme. This tick appears alongside the business name on their WhatsApp profile, indicating that the business is verified and genuine.

WhatsApp business users also get account support, including impersonation protection, if they share their bussiness details with Meta. Those who purchase the Meta verified subscription can also get access dedicated WhatsApp channel for marketing purposes.

Additionally, business can log into thier account from multiple devices making it easier for employees to manage business operations on WhatsApp Business. They can even create custom web pages with their business details, which can be shared with customers and vendors.

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Additional WhatsApp Business Features

Meta is working onenhancing call support for WhatsApp Business, making it easier for customers to raech out to to companies for complex support or palce larger orders that are difficult to handle via chat.

Meta is also seems to work on AI advanecments for Whatsapp Business that will allow AI to respond to “most popular questions businesses receive on WhatsApp”. This will simplify problem-solving and customer assistance using AI. Meta plans to charge companies for using these features, but the costs have not yet been disclosed.

Sending personalized messages, such as coupon codes and birthday wishes to customers, and keeping them updated on new products will be easier as Meta is currently working on these features for WhatsApp Business.


The Meta Verified subscription service costs $14 per month and will be available in more countries soon. These features will make WhatsApp Bussiness more users freindly for both customers and Bussiness owners, allowing businesses to verify their identity and share data with Meta for enhanced account support.

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