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OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o, an Upgrade for ChatGPT

OpenAI, the company behind the AI chatbot ChatGPT, recently unveiled a new version called GPT-4o.

OpenAI, the company behind the AI chatbot ChatGPT, recently unveiled a new version called GPT-4o. The “o” stands for “omni,” signifying the model’s ability to handle text, speech, and video. This announcement came during OpenAI’s Spring Update event held on May 13, 2024.

‘GPT-4o’ Features

GPT-4o boasts intelligence comparable to GPT-4 but with faster processing speeds. The key feature is its multimodal capabilities, bringing voice and vision to ChatGPT. This functionality resembles using virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Users can interact with ChatGPT-4o in various languages, with the model translating them to English and offering recommendations or information. For instance, you can photograph a menu in a foreign language, ask ChatGPT-4o to translate it, and receive food recommendations and historical context.

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Enhanced Accessibility

Excitingly, GPT-4o supports 50 additional languages, including Indian languages Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu, catering to a wider audience. OpenAI emphasizes accessibility by making GPT-4o available to both free and paid ChatGPT users. This marks a significant shift, as previous GPT-4 class models required a monthly subscription.

GPT-4o Benefits for Free Users

  • GPT-4 level intelligence (previously for paid users only)
  • Get responses from both the model and the web
  • Analyse data and create charts
  • Ability to chat about photos
  • File upload support for assistance and summarization
  • GPTs and GPT store access
  • Enhanced memory capabilities


GPT-4o signifies a leap forward for OpenAI and the field of artificial intelligence. As we move towards an AI-powered future, we can expect even more advanced capabilities and functionalities. This announcement comes just before Google’s I/O event, where they’re expected to unveil their own AI advancements. This healthy competition will undoubtedly accelerate the development of AI technology.

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