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SAR Value: What you need to know? How important it’s is

Today article is all about SAR value if you know its a system that show how your smartphone radiation is dangerous to you read to learn more.

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SAR Value full formis Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is the measure of the Rate of RF (radio frequency), which is the radiation rate that enters the body tissue. It happens because your mobile sends and receives data with the help of Radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves, which we cannot see with our naked eyes.

Hence, a little bit of the Radiation Radiate in the environment and our body tissue absorbs this radiation, so if our body absorbs much radiation, it may harm our health might cause many diseases; that is why mobile phones have a SAR limit, and in India, its limit is 1.6W/kg. This electro-magnet wave is very high when you speak on call.

There are two types of SAR values in mobile phones: Body SAR and Head SAR 

  • Body SAR value means when your mobile phone is in your pocket or your hand at that time when the radiation emits, so how much radiation does your body absorb at that time?
  • Head SAR also means that when you speak to someone on call, your mobile phone is very close to your head, so head SAR shows how much radiation your head absorbs at that point in time.

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How to check the SAR value in a smartphone?

To check the SAR value in your smartphone, you need to:

  • Dial *#07# in your Smartphone
  • Your SAR value will show up like these screenshots, but it may be the same for all smartphones.
Smartphone SAR value | Grabyoume

Which is the best SAR for a smartphone?

Suppose your SAR value is above 1.6W/kg; it will be dangerous for the body’s SAR. Don’t be confused that high SAR is good for the body as long SAR value is low that is better for your body. So next time when you buy a smartphone do check the SAR value first by following the step above so it will be good for your health.

If you are fond of speaking on a call for long, use the headphones to be a little bit far from


Please don’t put your smartphone near your bed. Just put it a little far from you, or switch it off as you don’t use your phone at night. Anyway, I recommend that if you need your mobile for an emergency call at night, just put it a little far from you for safety only.

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