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WhatsApp: Don’t Panic! How to Recover Deleted Messages

However, some features like the "Undo message" option, most people's didn't have much idea how to use. And, in this guide i will explain how to use it effectively.

WhatsApp a popular messaging applicationused daily by millions for personal and business communication. There are many features added to its application to enhance the user experience. Like the recent upgrade to its design and features. However, some features like the “Undo message” option, most people’s didn’t have much idea how to use. And, in this guide i will explain how to use it effectively.

Have you ever accidentally deleted an important message on WhatsApp?

If you have some important message from whatsapp and selected delete for me option, Fear not! With a few simple steps, you can recover it.

How to Undo Deleted WhatsApp Messages

  • Located the chat on WhatsApp of the business or the person from whom you want to delete messages.
  • Select messages for deletion and long-press on the message(s) you want to delete.
  • Now Choose “Delete for me” and tap the bin icon at the top of the screen and select “Delete for me.”
  • Undo the deletion (within 5 seconds) a pop-up notification will appear at the bottom of the screen for five seconds, indicating the deleted messages. Quickly tap “Undo” within this timeframe to recover the messages.

Note: The “Undo” option is only available for a five seconds only. Once these time gone, message recovery becomes impossible. And If you choose “Delete for everyone” instead of “Delete for me,” the “Undo” option won’t be available. The message will be permanently deleted for both you and the recipient.


The “Undo message” feature is a lifesaver for anyone who has accidentally deleted a crucial message on WhatsApp. By understanding its functionality and limitations, you can effectively utilize this feature to prevent message loss.

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Enijes Shadap
Enijes Shadap
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