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Meghalaya Lok Sabha Election Live Results 2024

Meghalaya Meghalaya Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 for Tura and Shillong Parliamentary seats get the live update results

Meghalaya is one of the Northeastern states that has two parliamentary seats for the Lok Sabha election: Shillong and Tura parliamentary seats. There are four candidates contesting the Lok Sabha election from the Tura constituency: Agatha K. Sangma (NPP), Labenn Ch. Marak (IND), Saleng Sangma (INC), and Zenith Sangma (AITC). From the Shillong parliamentary seat, there are six candidates contesting this year, including Vincent H. Pala (INC), Ricky Syngkon (VPP), Mazel Ampareen (NPP), Robertjune Kharjahrin (UDP), Peter Shallam (Independent), and Prof. Lakhon Kma (Independent).

2019 Lok Sabha election Result Recap Meghalaya

As the counting is ongoing for the Shillong and Tura seats, let’s recap the 2019 Lok Sabha election results. Indian National Congress candidate Vincent H. Pala was elected as the Member of Parliament from the Shillong seat, having polled 419,689 votes. UDP candidate Jemino Mawthoh was just behind him with 267,256 votes, making Pala the third-term MP from the Shillong seat.

In the Tura seat, the National People’s Party candidate Agatha Sangma, the sister of the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma, won the seat. Agatha Sangma was elected as the Member of Parliament from the Tura seat, having polled 304,455 votes. INC candidate Mukul Sangma was the runner-up with 240,425 votes.

Election Result Update 2024

Shillong Parliamentary Seat

Vincent H. PalaINC
Ricky SyngkonVPPwon
Dr Mazel AmpareenNPP
Robertjune KharjahrinUDP
Peter ShallamIND
Prof. Lakhon KmaIND

Tura Parliamentary Seat

Shaleng SangmaINCWon
Agatha K. SangmaNPP
Zenith SangmaAITC
Labenn Ch. MarakIND

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