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Prime Meghalaya: Empowering Entrepreneurs in the State

Prime Meghalaya is an initiative by the Government of Meghalaya to empower the entrepreneurs of the state.

Prime Startup Hub Office Shillong | Photo: Prime Meghalaya

If you are wondering what is Prime Meghalaya? or want to know more about Prime Meghalaya this is the right article for you especially for the people of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is one of the seven states of North East India also known as the Adobe of the Cloud. So, let us dive into this Prime Meghalaya Hub.

What is Prime Meghalaya Hub?

Prime Meghalaya is an initiative by the Government of Meghalaya to empower the entrepreneurs of the state. It was launched by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma, on January 2020. The word ‘PRIME’ represents the Promotion and Incubation of Market-driven Enterprises. Prime provides diverse opportunities to various startups helping them in Funding and guiding them on how to grow their business.

Prime Meghalaya Hub currently has two offices in Shillong and Tura. This program aims to promote entrepreneurs in the state and encourage youth to prefer entrepreneurs as career options, by providing a collaborative ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs in the states to get easy credit, relevant technology, skill training, and mentors helping them to access high-leverage markets. Through this program, youths are encouraged to be job makers instead of job seekers.

Entreprenuers Segment in Meghalaya

Prime Meghalaya divides entrepreneurs in Meghalaya into different categories the Startup Entrepreneur, Nano Entrepreneur, and Livelihood Entrepreneur.

  1. Startup Entrepreneur: This segment includes the entrepreneurs who run innovation-based enterprises, This enterprise may typically have more than 20 employees or more ranging from small, medium, and micro enterprises, and also include technology-based startups. For instance, Tech startups are large exporters and technology producers.
  2. Nano Entrepreneur: This is a segment of entrances that have limited goods and services that provide employment to less than 20 or solve the problems in local communities. Examples like Small tourism resorts, restaurants, travel agents, etc.
  3. Livelihood Entrepreneur: This segment is the solo or single entrepreneurs who have micro-businesses that usually do not provide any formal employment. For Example Farmers, weavers, and livestock rearers.

Prime Meghalaya programs

Prime Meghalaya has helped startups and entrepreneurs through different programs. Prime Meghalaya has programs including the PRIME incubation hub, the Chief Minister’s E-Champion challenge program, and the Music Incubation.

PRIME incubation hub is for entrepreneurs who are starting and want to develop their ideas into businesses. In these programs, aspiring entrepreneurs or startups get knowledge sharing, incubation, and skill development from the Prime Team. They get a dedicated office space in the PRIME Hub office. They get a chance to develop and expand their business, simultaneously, taking part in workshops, seminars, and various other skill development programs that are frequently conducted in the hub.

Chief Minister’s E-Champion challenge program is an annual event where out of 100 entrepreneurs from all over Meghalaya Prime Meghalaya selected 50 innovative and most promising entrepreneurs to join a dedicated and structured 9-month intensive PRIME startup Incubation program. This Top 50 also enjoyed several benefits like credit of up to 2 lakhs, Recognition Certificate- Awarded from Meghalaya Government & IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, access to zero-interest loans, and many other benefits.

Music Incubation is a program of Prime Meghalaya to promote the artists from Meghalaya who want to pursue their career in Music by providing training, workshops, and masterclasses from experienced speakers and mentors to help them build their careers in music. Additionally, candidates who join this program get a chance to record their EP (Extended Play) and shoot a Music video for one of their songs. 

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Prime Meghalaya is a good initiative by the Government of Meghalaya providing assistance and promoting entrepreneurship throughout the state. Many startups and entrepreneurs benefit from this Program based on our research this program helps many entrepreneurs in the state.

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