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Tecno Camon 30 5G get AI Upgrade with Ella-GPT Integration

The Tecno Camon 30 5G, which was launched in India last month, has received an AI upgrade.

The Tecno Camon 30 5G, which was launched in India last month, has received an AI upgrade. It’s important to note that the Techno smartphone comes with Mediatek Dimensity chipsets and run on Android 14-based HiOS 14 out-of-the-box, with multiple storage option and a 5000mAh of battery capacity. It is priced starting Rs 22,999 on Amazon.

Tecno Camon 30 Series Ella-GPT AI feature

Tecno has began expanding its Ella-GPT features, which was first introduced on Tecno flip smartphone, the Phantom V Flip 5G. On Tuesday, the company announced that it has started rolling out Ella-GPT to its budget smartphone line, the Tecno Camon 30 Series. Ella-GPT is an AI assistance created using OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, fine-tuned by ChatGPT.

What Does Ella-GPT Do?

The Ella-GPT AI assistance can perform all general tasks that an AI chatbot can. It can answer questions, generate text, offer almost real-time translations, and help to generate more ideas and more content. This is based on the new GPT-4o model, which support 70 languges and also accepts voice as input.

Tecno stated that these AI assistance claim to handle a wide rahnge of users’ day-to-day tasks, offering personalized assistance from managing schedules and translating languages, support 70 language using voice input.

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Additional AI Features upgrade

Apart from Ella-GPT, the Tecno Camon 30 Series also feature two additional AI tools including “Ask AI” and the AI image generation tool within Notepad app. ‘Ask AI’ allows users to darft and correct grammatical error in text and generate content across different formats.

The image generate tool in Notepad, allows users to generate image from random strokes and outlines, displaying these images in a sketch style.


Tecno’s embedding AI features on their smartphone indicated that company sees the future of AI and its important of AI in smartphones that are becoming companions to our daily life. Tecno definitely trying to make user experience with AI, making their day to day task easy and convenient.

However, Tecno isn’t the only smartphone company that embed AI with their smartphone, but with the rise of Artificial Intelligent (AI) many smartphone companies start to embed AI with their smartphone.

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